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StockingsFashion has been reviewing hosiery and providing price comparisons for stockings, hold ups and suspender belts since long before price comparison sites became a feature of our daily lives.   Before the launch of this separate site reviews of stockings and hold ups were carried on our sister site TightsFashion  which has over 1000 tights and pantyhose reviews.

The StockingsFashion Shop

Our shop is the life blood of the site, without the income if provides to over the cost of running the site we could not provide the resource that we do.  The shop lists the current styles stocked by the major online hosiery retailers including UKTights, MyTights, Tightsplease and Stockings Direct; all listed by brand for ease of comparison.

If you are looking for tights then you can find these in the shop at TightsFashion


Over 90% of the site is dedicated to the review of stockings and hold ups providing an invaluable resource for the online shopper, the online hosiery retailer and hosiery makers. To date there are in excess of 100 different styles of stockings reviewed with more added every week. You can keep track of the new styles by checking the site update history or looking at the list of latest reviews below.

One problem with buying hosiery on line is that there is such a huge choice and no way of knowing from the retailers or manufactures’ web sites what the stockings are going to be like.  How will they feel? Is the sizing accurate? Do they look good on a real person rather than in an edited picture of a model? Are they well made? Are they value for money?  Our reviews answer these questions for you.

Our reviews don’t just cover stockings styles made for the current season, we leave past season styles on the site too so that you can see how the brand performs season to season, year to year and that bigger picture should help when looking at a style of stockings that we have not reviewed.

Hosiery manufacturers also submit stockings for review so you will find brands and styles reviewed that are not stocked in our shop.

Each review details construction, materials, price, fit, look, feel and value for money.  Where appropriate there is a link to the supplier who provided the review sample.

Please support our hosiery suppliers by clicking through from the review pages to their on line stores.

Suspender Belts

Our reviews include both hold up stockings and stockings that need a suspender belt.    The suppliers who provide our test stockings also sell a wide range of suspender belts.   It is vital to get a belt that fits you so ask them for advice if you need it and be honest about your size.   Don’t buy a cheap suspender belt with plastic clips, if you can afford it buy a good quality belt with metal clips.  Nothing will spoil your enjoyment of stockings more than having to keep pulling them up and refastening the suspender. 

Latest Reviews

Silky Deep Lace Suspender Belt and Sweet Pins Back Seam Stretch Stockings, Fogal Anais Hold Ups, Gatta Michelle Wedding Hold Ups, Le Bourget Voilance Stockings, Clio 602 Bas Prestige RHT Stockings, Gatta Michelle Carnival Hold Ups, Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Stockings, Cervin Paris Romantica Stockings, Cervin Capri 20D Stockings, Fogal Caresse Stockings, What Katie Did Contrast Retro Seamed Stockings, Max Mara Tokyo Hold Ups, Fiore Celia Hold Ups, What Katie Did Retro Seamed Stockings, Marilyn Coco 870 Hold Ups, Falbala Spotty Diamante Seam Stockings, Veneziana Paris Stockings, Fiore Manuela Hold Ups, Eleganti Point Heel Contrast FF Stockings, Mura Oasis Ultra Sheer Hold Ups, Luisa Maria Lugli Sofia Hold Ups, Gio Reinforced Heel & Toe Stockings (RHT Stockings), Cervin Java Hold Ups, Vixen Betty Fully Fashioned Stockings, Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Hold-Ups, Oroblu Bas Riga Seamed Hold-Ups, Luisa Maria Lugli Roleplays Stockings

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If you feel you have information on stockings that you think other readers would like to share then drop a line to cj@tightsfashion.co.uk  We would also love to hear about brands and suppliers we have not yet reviewed. And welcome comment on those we have.

Stockings, Tights or Pantyhose?

We aren’t going to enter into a debate about which is “best” but there is a need to explain exactly what we mean by stockings.   As far as this site is concerned stockings are single leg hosiery that comes to near the top of the thigh and is either self supporting or attached to a suspender belt.    The self supporting type will usually be called hold-ups, stay-up or thigh highs, the styles needing a suspender belt, or a they are known in some countries a garter belt, will be simply called stockings.

A couple of tips when buying stockings:

Always buy two pairs of the same style and colour at the same time.   That way if you get any holes, runs or ladders you will still have a matching pair until the third mishap.

If you are buying stockings that need suspenders wear a quality suspender belt with metal clips, and ideally six or more straps.   We test all stockings with a Nylon Dreams six strap belt.  As one reader put it “plastic clips are OK for the bedroom, but if you want your stockings to stay up all day they must be metal”.

Buying  Stockings and Lingerie as a Gift

There can be few areas in life more fraught with danger than buying tights, stockings or lingerie for your lady.   We receive lots of e-mails on the subject of what to buy, particularly in the run up to Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so here are a few pointers.

  • Remember who you are buying for.  This a gift for your lady not for you!   I am sure most men have at some time or another bought their wife lingerie because it looked great on the slim young model in a picture without a thought for whether it would suit their wife or be comfortable.  
  • Buy what she normally wears.  Take discrete look in her drawers and wardrobe and if you find tights don’t buy stockings.   Most women will wear one of the other, buy a tights girl stockings, or a stockings girl tights and they will stay unworn.     If you don’t know her well enough to know which she wears you don’t know her well enough to be buying hosiery and lingerie for her.
  • Check her size carefully... don’t ask!   Women lie about their weight and dress size.   Look at what she wear and check the size label in something that fits her well.    Tights and stockings with Lycra give some flexibility on sizing (see our reviews for details by style) but a bra or suspender belt needs to be right.
  • If you are buying a suspender belt be sure you get one with metal rather than plastic clasps.  Wider straps are more comfortable and 6 straps work far better than 4.   Take a look at Nylon Dreams, Sassy, StockingsHQ or Stockings and Romance for belts that will look great and work well. Rago or Shirley of Hollywood are the brands for you if you want some shaping too.. ever so sexy.
  • Buy the right colour, black and tan shades are safest for tights and stockings.   Red is for danger in lingerie.
  • Buy quality... but don’t go mad.    You can buy tights and stockings at almost any price from 1 to 30 a pair.  Don’t buy cheap rubbish that will not be nice to wear or look good.   Very expensive hosiery does not always equal strong and durable hosiery... remember too that if you buy tights or stockings that are very expensive they may get put away for a “special occasion”.  Our tip is to spend 6-12 a pair to get good quality and value.
  • Don’t go too sheer.   Very sheer hosiery, 10 denier or less, is gorgeous but often fragile and nobody likes a present that doesn’t last out the day.
  • Buy her something else as well, not just tights and stockings, because to be honest the gift of hosiery will always be partly for you.

One final thought.. what is right for a girlfriend and what is right for a wife are different... don’t mix up the packages!

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