Cervin Capri 20D Stockings

Cervin Capri 20D Stockings

Genuine 1940s - 50s nylon stockings

Authenticity of double stitching

Reinforced heels and toes

20 Denier, 100 % Nylon, Price: 6.95

Cervin Capri 20D Stockings


Our Review

As our previous review was of premium priced stretch stocking we though we should take a look at some classic French 100% nylon stockings at a more everyday price... just for the purists who see using tights technology to make stockings as some sort of heresy.

Cervin make this style in 5 sizes to fit up to a height of 5’11” and a weight of 190lbs (180cm and 85kg).  There is some irony in the fact that the size chart is more suited to tights.   Leg length and shoe size being more useful for stockings.  With 100% nylon hosiery sizing is critical due to the reduced potential for stretch.

On taking these stockings from the packet there is a flood of sensation.   They look and feel light, smooth and almost liquid.  Quite hard to the touch which come as a shock with stockings that look so light.

Classic styling with lightly reinforced heel and toe, sub-welt and a welt that looks perfect for taking suspender clasps.

Sizing is far from generous and what stretch there is it taken up in providing a little bit of fit, so if you are tall you will need long suspender straps.   The welt does take a clasp very well indeed and stretched under the tension of a suspender strap it looks superb.

Take great care with sizing and you are in for a treat, if you are tall or have long feet you may want to look elsewhere.

Colour does not generally play a part in our reviews, other than a comment about whether it is even, and here it is perfectly even, but we have to say that the grey/gris shade is gorgeous and a great change from black or nude.

10 April 2013

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