Cervin Java Hold Ups

Cervin Java Stretch RHT Hold Ups

Reiforced heel and toe

20 Denier, 100 % Nylon, Price: 5.50

Cervin Java Hold Ups


Our Review

The chances are that if you have ever heard of Cervin then you will have seen their Seduction or Capri ranges, “real” stockings that compete with the likes of Gio or Eleganti. What you are less likely to have seen is their more everyday “Classique” range that comes in very plain packaging at very reasonable “everyday” prices.    As the name suggests Java hold ups are self supporting stockings with no need of a suspender belt.

The packet tells you nothing more than what we have repeated above, reinforced heel and toe, 100% nylon, 20 denier.  To the trained eye this makes them stand out as the product of a company with a tradition of “real” stockings.

There is no size chart on the packet but retailers should have information.   We know there are multiple sizes as our sample came in size 5.

First impressions... very much budget packaging, not even a card, just two stockings folded flat.   The stockings themselves are a throwback to the 1970s, stretch but without Lycra, so nothing like the smooth feel of Cervin’s premium lines. 

No surprises in the detailing at the foot, exactly as described, RHT.  At the welt there is a surprise, as there are no silicone strips to grip the leg.   What you have is 5 bands of braided rubber in the back of the very narrow (3cm) elastic top.

Compared to standard Cervin size charts the sizing of this style is spot on, there is plenty of stretch and the foot appears to be proportionately sized so the heel on a long size sits correctly on a long foot.   

Fit is good with no initial bagging or sagging at knee and ankle, what you do see though is a little wrinkling at the ankle when you flex your foot.  The stocking top relies in part on being tight so it is more noticeable than the standard wide top with silicone bands; that said it does seem at least as effective.

Update after 4 hours.   One stocking has slipped down by 3cm the other by 6cm, also some loss of fit at knee and ankle.   Not entirely unexpected as most hosiery relaxes a little under the combined effects of stretching and body heat, Lycra was introduced to hosiery fibres precisely because of this so as to maintain a close fit through the day.  On the plus side no fear that the stockings would head south entirely, but a roll down to the ankle and re-stretch was required, simply pulling the welt up to where it started did not work.

Visually the colour is even with a matt finish.   To the touch the finish is quite harsh, a reminder of how hosiery used to be a few decades ago.

Classic styling, classic look and feel, a reminder of decades past but delivered with modern quality.

7 August 2012

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