Cervin Paris

Cervin Paris is the hosiery brand of L’ ARSOIE, a French company rightly proud of their history and heritage.

As early as the 1920’s, Germain Massal the founder made silk-stockings that he dispatched in luxury boxes to the Royal and Imperial Courts of Europe.

Three generations of the Massal family have ensured that Cervin Paris hosiery remains amongst the very finest available today.

L'Arsoie has been rooted in the wild natural countryside of the Cevennes since that time. An hour’s drive from the towns of Montpellier and Nīmes and the Mediterranean coast, the company is the last 100% French manufacturer.

You can see their web site at www.cervin.fr  and buy on line from UKTights and StockingsHQ

Cervin Agnes Couture Bicolore 15D Stockings_2 Cervin Paris Capri Stockings_2 Cervin Capri 10D Stockings_2 Cervin Capri 15 Stockings_2 Cervin Capri 20D Stockings_2 Cervin Capri Bicolore 15D Stockings_2
Cervin Esprit Couture 15D Lurex Seam Stockings_2 Cervin Paris Esprit Couture Stockings_2 Cervin Havana FF Stockings_2 Cervin Java Hold Ups_2
Cervin Paris Champs Elysees 20 Dn Silk Stockings_2
Cervin Divine Lace Top Hold Ups_2
Cervin Nymphe Stockings_2 Cervin Paris Rive Gauche 20 Dn Silk Stockings_2 Cervin Romantica Stockings_2 Cervin Seduction Couture Stockings_2 Cervin Seduction Couture Bicolore Non-Stretch Seamed Stockings_2 Cervin Seduction Couture Captive Stockings_2
Cervin Seduction Couture Coeur Stockings_2 Cervin Paris Sensual Hold Ups Cervin Sensual 20D Stockings_2 Cervin Swing Time Fully Fashioned Stockings_2 Cervin Tentation Stockings_2



Many thanks to Cervin Paris and StockingsHQ for letting us have such a wonderful selection to review.

The stockings are gorgeous, with a style and quality from a bygone age.   Whether you select 100% silk for optimum luxury and decadence, or 100% nylon for that classic seductive look you can’t go wrong with Cervin.

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