It seems that as long as there has been hosiery in England there have been Charnos stockings.   Always reasonably prices, always good quality.   Great basic hosiery and interesting innovations and fashionable lines too.

Now owned by the Melas Group the bulk of the stockings made by Charnos are knitted in and around Nottingham, the home of stocking manufacturing in England since Victorian times and the first place in the World to machine knit stockings. (Oddly all the review samples we have received were made in Italy)

Charnos Elegance, Charnos Sheer Lustre and Charnos Simply Bare are three of the best sheer stockings you can buy.

Charnos Backseam Net Hold Ups_2 Charnos Boudoir Scantihose Tights_2 Charnos Boudoir Suspender Tights_2 Charnos Elegance Ultra Sheer Stockings_2 Charnos Run Resist 10D Stockings_2
Charnos Sheer Lustre Hold Ups_2 Charnos Shimmer Hold Ups_2 Charnos Simply Bare Hold Ups_2


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