Clio 602 Bas Prestige RHT Stockings

Clio 602 Bas Prestige RHT Stockings

Suspender stockings

Fine voile, 15 denier

Reinforced toe and heel

Shaped and ironed

15 Denier, 100 % Nylon, Price: 5.95

Clio 602 Bas Prestige RHT Stockings


Our Review

For those of you not “in the know” RHT stands for reinforced heel and toe, classic stockings design but crucially without a backseam.   For many these are the real stockings, what women used to wear everyday and they are priced for everyday wear now.

100% Nylon so no stretch from Lycra to help with fit... that means sizing is important and there are 5 sizes to choose from intended to fit heights from 1.55m to 1.75m (5’1 to 5’9) and weights from 47kg to 101 kg (105-227lbs).  Actually Clio do hedge their bets by putting less than the minima and more than the maxima so you could be outside that range and still get them to fit.  Most of the size variation is in the weight with the height range being pretty constant over the 3 largest sizes.  A pity they could not use foot size and leg length, but height and weight seems pretty standard from most makers now.

There is no mistaking the look and feel of 100% Nylon stockings, these will delight the purists and lovers of classic retro stockings.  The detailing will please too, fully shaped with dark reinforced heel and toe, a classic welt detail promises a perfect anchor point for suspender clasps.

Stretch is quite limited but fortunately the foot length in the largest size is suitable for bigger girls with bigger feet. Sizing with respect to length is harder to judge because it depends on your suspender belt and how low or high you like your stocking tops; however we can report that a 34” leg is easily accommodated without needing to lengthen suspender straps if you buy size 5 (so hopefully 3 and 4 will be similarly long).  Quite remarkable length for French made stockings.

Colour is perfectly even and the finish flattering.  There is a slight harshness to 100% nylon stockings, not unpleasant to touch and a delight when you cross your legs and hear a swish.

Lovely stockings, great fit, look and comfort... a bargain price too.

Tested with a Kiss Me Deadly Ruben Van Doren Suspender Belt which held the welt all day with no fuss.

8 August 2013


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