Eleganti Point Heel Contrast FF Stockings

Eleganti Point Heel Contrast FF Stockings


15 Denier, 100 % Nylon, Price: 16.95

Eleganti Point Heel Contrast FF Stockings


Our Review

With just 24 hours to National Stockings Day we thought we should look at some “real” stockings.     By real of course we mean traditional 100% Nylon stockings designed to be worn with a suspender belt as opposed to modern Lycra rich hold ups.

We haven’t shown the packet for this or any other Eleganti style because they are all the same, the only differentiation is on the back where circles are shaded in with a biro to show size and style.   There are 5 sizes by the way, x-small through to x-large all determined by height alone.    There are also five styles, Point, Cuban, Havana, Manhattan and RHT which describe  shape of the heel detail.  There is actually nothing on the packet to say these are “contrast”, we are just assuming that because it is what we asked for and what the delivery note said. In this era of big corporations and ruthless efficiency this cottage industry approach is quite refreshing.

So first impressions.   Well they are contrast, our black sample had a gorgeous seam in a deep red.  There is a flow and smoothness to real stockings seldom found with stretch hosiery, you may find yourself handling these stockings for a while before putting them on.

As for construction these fully fashioned stockings are not knitted as a tube with a seam added for decoration, the seam is there to close flat knit material into a stockings.   The seaming really is ingenious, from the reinforced toe, under the reinforced foot and around the fully shaped reinforced heel the seam is on the inside, From where the top of your shoe will be through the point heel and up the leg the seam is on the outside and the red thread is visible. Brilliant!

The seaming on one stocking was not quite perfect, the point heel ending up slightly asymmetric but these are hand finished garments and the error was slight.

At the top of the leg there is a transitional sub-welt below the a classic welt with the keyhole detail.

Fully fashioned stockings are ever so easy to put on, get the heel correctly positioned and you can’t fail to get the seam straight.   The look on the leg is sublime, perfect sheer even colour with super smooth shine.   The contrast seam is subtle yet ever so effective and frightfully sexy.

The look is matched by the feel; whether running your hand over your leg, or crossing your legs it is pure pleasure.   The swish as you cross your legs will draw attention in any situation, use with care!

Sizing is accurate, the x-large should fit over 6’ tall and it will fit a 35” leg.  One slight issue though is if you have big feet you might find that the foot of the stockings in not long enough for the heel detail to sit correctly.  Any variation in leg length can be sorted out with a suspender belt with good quality adjustable straps.  Length was perfect for our model so they were able to pair with a Cleopatra Capri Pantygirdle. One outfit sorted for National Stockings Day!

As you would expect there is some wrinkling at knee and ankle if you leave you leg bent for a while then straighten it, but only enough to make it clear you are wearing real stockings, suspender tension and a smooth leg soon smooth things out again.

18 October 2012

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