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Falbala has been taken from the French word Furbelow which means a  piece of showy ornamentation.. and this is what Falbala is all about!

We love how our embellished tights and stockings can transform your  look in an instant! Complete your outfit with a pair of electric blue,  ruby red or raven black studded tights from the Bijoux collection or  take to the stage in the Burlesque collection which has been modelled  by real burlesque dancers.

Also please take a look at our new back seam collection inspired by the 1940s and the burlesque scene!

Falbala isn’t just for the evening, wear a bit of glamour to the office and really sparkle at your next team meeting!

All Falbala legwear are designed and embellished by hand in the UK

Falbala Diamante Seam Stock07

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