Fiore is a Polish hosiery company that has operated in Poland since 1986.   It was formed by the merger of “G&K” and “Madame Chic” who had themselves been manufacturing hosiery in Poland since 1983.   Now available in the UK via their UK eBay Shop and a full retail web site.

The company is based in Lodz  and produces a wide selection of hosiery, divided into seven ranges.   With the exception of the range for children we hope to review all of these in time.

The ranges are:

  • GOLDEN LINE Patterned tights, stockings, hold-ups and knee highs.
  • MEDICA Control, shaping and maternity tights, together with massaging knee-highs.
  • ACTIVA Tights with increased durability and comfort.
  • EXCLUSIVE Sheer and patterned microfibre tights.
  • CLASSIC Sheer and semi-opaque tights.
  • STREET Hipster tights.
  • YOUNG LADY Children's patterned microfibre tights.

Foire Golden Line

Fiore Alice Knee Socks_2 Fiore Celia Hold Ups_2 Fiore Liza Hold-Ups_2 Fiore Manuela Hold Ups_2 Fiore Golden Line Milena Hold-Ups_2
Fiore Nora Knee Socks_2 Fiore Ranja Hold Ups_2 Fiore Romance Stockings_2 Fiore Scarlet Hold Ups_2 Fiore Soffi Hold Ups_2

Fiore Sizes
Fiore colours

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