Fiore Celia Hold Ups

Fiore Celia Hold Ups

Sheer hold-ups in sizes 2, 3 and 4


Invisibly reinforced


Stronger structure


30 Denier, 87 % Nylon, 13 % Lycra, Price: 4.49

Fiore Celia Hold Ups

Our Review

I am sure that most of you made a choice years ago and decided to wear stockings in preference to tights, or hold ups in preference to stockings and suspenders but for many there is still a debate about which is “best” or “right”.    Seamed hosiery is perhaps one area where the debate is fiercest with purists taking the view that seams just have to be “proper” stockings and others saying so long as the seam is straight who cares.

Seamed hold-ups are a compromise, the convenience of tights (if they stay up) yet still stockings.   So how do these stack up?

30 denier seemed rather a heavy weight for seamed stockings... but there is a reason, these are not sheer or semi-opaque they are in fact a very fine voile (think fine lace curtain).  The feel in the hand is therefor lighter than the denier would suggest.

Detailing is very straight forward, a reinforced sheer toe, unshaped leg and a lacy top some 3” or 7.5cm deep.  The lace top is styled with a fringe over the top of the stocking leg an carries two silicone bands to grip your leg.

Fiore specify three sizes (2-4) based on foot length and leg length.  For hosiery at such a reasonable price this is great attention to detail.  We tested size 4. foot 27/28 cm leg 82 cm that is an 11” foot and 32” leg.  Far from petite!  The sizing is spot on.

The seam is one added in as a design rather than a real seam, running from just behind the toe all the way to the bottom of the lace top; we thought it was rather too wide on first look.    On the leg though the design works, not least because the seam ran straight first time, set it right under your foot and around the heel and of f you go.   The seam is wide, but with quite a dark stocking with good colour density it needs to be to stand out.

Any criticism we have is of the stocking top.   The lace top is just a little too light and the silicone bands just a little too insubstantial to inspire confidence, aesthetically we would have liked to see the flat seam that closes the circle of lace aligned with the seam rather than at some random position.

All in all though a of of style for not much money.

14 January 2013

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