Fiore Manuela Hold Ups

Fiore Celia Hold Ups

Patterned hold-ups in sizes 2, 3 and 4

Invisibly reinforced toe


40 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 18 % Lycra, Price: 6.99

Fiore Manuela Hold Ups

Our Review

It is easy to think of hold-ups as something you wear instead of tights in the summer to keep cool but heavier weight fashion hold ups can make a bold fashion statement and keep you warm yet fresh.

Fiore generally offer two things, great style and excellent value for money so how will Manuella fare?

Well the price is right and we love the fact that there are 3 sizes to choose from, not only 3 sizes but three sizes defined in terms of foot size and leg length.  Note to other manufacturers: hip and waist measurement are not relevant when sizing stockings!

Nothing fancy in the construction here, the leg is unshaped and the pattern runs all the way to the toe seam.  The lace top is sensibly sized at 8cm deep, enough to make a bit of a statement, not so deep that it is on show.   From a practical standpoint the lace top is wide enough to have two silicone bands to grip your leg.

Our size 4 sample should fit up to a 28cm long foot and 82cm leg.   By our reckoning that is about a UK size 11 shoe, and a 32” inside leg, of course the leg being unshaped you can give from one and add to the other.    No surprise at all, the sizing is spot on.

The hold up top works well gripping your leg without any drama and holding on well, combined with the stretch from 18% Lycra in the mix it provides a good and comfortable fit.

The floral trellis pattern design is quite subtle, enough to break up the plain colour of a 40 denier semi-opaque without being so busy that you would be limited in where and when you could wear the stockings..   These really are an Autumn style, particularly in the burgundy colour pictured above, perfect either on show or paired with a longer skirt and boots

Great stockings and great value.

22 November 2012

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