Fogal would probably claim to be the top hosiery brand in Europe, if not the World.  Wolford and their fans would dispute this but if exclusivity  were solely a matter of price and limited outlets Fogal would take the  title.  Prices range from just under 20 for a basic sheer tight to over 200 for their most expensive tights.

In the UK you can only buy Fogal tights in three places, all in London. These are Harrods, Fenwicks and Fogal’s own boutique opposite  Harvey Nichols.

We purchased some of our test pairs from Fogal’s own shop.  This is the  best place to go as the staff have over 20 years experience in Fogal  hosiery so can give expert advice on fitting.  One comment they did make was that being Swiss Fogal tights are sized shorter than some other top brands.  The Fogal store also has a pair of each style on a pair of  circular rails so that you can inspect them from toe to waist before you buy.

It is clear that Fogal intend you to buy based on advice and description  as the packets are among the most unexciting we have ever seen. Indeed  Fogal’s own staff have told us their tights are intended to be sold  rather than just bought.

Since May 2011 Fogal have operated their own on-line store at in addition to  supplying through a very limited number of on-line partners including  UKTights.

Fogal Anais 20D Stay-Ups_2 Fogal Caresse 20 Stockings_2


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