Fogal Anais Hold Ups

Fogal Anais Hold Ups

Beauty to die for. Seductive 20 den stay ups with a fine, floral & glitter pattern lace band.

Particularly refined thanks to the flock printing with a subtle glittering

Invisible heel and invisible reinforced toe

20 Denier, 70 % Nylon, 30 % Lycra,Price: 38.00

Fogal Anais 20D Stay-Ups


Emma Models Fogal Anais WM300Our Review

When we reviewed our first pair of Fogal stockings earlier in the year we questioned whether a pair of plain stretch stockings could ever be worth just shy of 30... the answer was a qualified yes, they will make you feel and  look great on a big night out.

Well a season later and we have a new question, can a pair of plain hold ups be worth close to 40?

For your 38 you get sheer hold ups with a lightly reinforced toe and a shaped but non-reinforced heel. You also get beautifully soft 20 denier material that feels much stronger.

Where the money has really been spent though is in the stocking top which has been printed with a flock floral design highlighted by hundreds of tiny crystals. Gorgeous certainly but unless you are modelling them rather than simply wearing them the top detail will not be seen and the crystals will not be catching the light.

30% Lycra gives masses of stretch but even so these are not stockings for the very tall, unless you are also very slim in the leg.  All that Lycra does make for a perfect fit.
Leigh Models Fogal Anais Hold Ups WM300

Fortunately our models are slim of leg but as you can see on the lower picture size large is not overly long on a leggy lady of 5’6”.

What the pictures also show in that the colour density is perfect and these stockings really flatter your legs.

Back to the question of value... well we did have a few issues with the way the hold up tops work, the two silicone bands seem to work best when the stocking top is fully stretched... so we have a paradox if you have long legs, you need slim thighs to get the stocking top up where you want it and fully thighs to keep them there.

So worth the money?  We would have to say save 10 and buy Fogal Caresse 20 Hold Ups.

16 December 2013

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