Fogal Caresse Stockings

Fogal Caresse Stockings

Stocking, sheer of a s special Lycra yarn, matt look, silky touch, with wide lace border, invisible reinforced toe.

20 Denier, 64 % Nylon, 36 % Lycra, Price: 27.99

Fogal Caresse 20 Stockings


Our Review

Fogal make some of the very best tights that money can buy, but what about their stockings?  Can 20 denier stretch stockings ever be worth nearly 30?

As with their tights the packet is entirely plain on the front with just a small picture on the rear, the picture is a new innovation for Fogal who always said that their hosiery was intended to be sold rather than bought... that is purchased from trained advisers in a boutique rather than bought on line.   Happily they have seen the future and you can now buy on line

These are lovely smooth soft stockings, shaped at the heel and finished with a reinforced toe.  They look very short even in large size but there is masses of stretch, a stretch that suggested great size flexibility and a very close fit.

Lace is the order of the day for the stocking top, simple delicate lace with just a hint of stretch.  Closed with a flat seam.  The lace is a worry for taking suspender clasps.

Fit is every bit as good we had hoped, like a second skin with perfect even colour. Super smooth to the touch these stocking are sublime to wear, you just have to stroke your legs.

No need to have worried about the lace taking a suspender, as ever if you go for metal clasps everything will be fine.   A secure and safe connection.  Long term the lace may suffer but only time will tell.

The lace top is very deep and as with Fogal tights the length is not generous so you will need a skirt that reaches below mid thigh to only show sheer leg... but a design that flashes a bit of stocking top would work well... after-all if you are paying this much for stockings you want attention.

These are among the best stretch stockings you can buy, the look and feel on the leg is very much like top quality tights which will not please some stockings purists but it is a stunningly classy look.

Worth 30?  For a smart night out, without doubt.  These are stockings that ooze class and quality, they look and feel fantastic and are so well made they should last and last.

7 April 2013

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