Fogal Shop at StockingsFashion

Fogal Shop at Stockings Fashion

Fogal make what are arguably the best  tights in the World, better even than Wolford, the only problem up to  now has been that they were so exclusive that you could only buy them in very high end stores... For those of us in the UK that meant a trip to  West London where they have their own boutique.

Now at long last a limited range of Fogal hosiery is available online from UKTights. You can see what is on offer below, please buy as much as you can to encourage Fogal to make more  styles available.

For a 20% discount on all orders at UKTights enter code TF20 at the checkout.

Fogal Stockings
Fogal Caresse 20 Stockings
27.99 Details
Fogal Velour Opaque 50 Denier Stockings
25.99 Details
Fogal Catwalk 10 Stockings
24.99 Details
Fogal Catwalk Couture 10 Hold Ups
29.99 Details
Fogal Velour Opaque 50 Denier Hold Ups
29.99 Details
Fogal Caresse 20 Hold Ups
27.99 Details
Fogal Catwalk 10 Hold Ups
26.99 Details
Fogal Delizia Sheer Hold Ups
26.99 Details



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