Gerbe is splendid luxury hosiery brand from France, producing high quality hosiery on a par with Wolford and Fogal but at more reasonable prices.

In the UK high street we have only seen these for sale at Selfridges, although they are available on line, most notably from our friends at UKTights and MyTights.

From what we have seen from our extensive reviews of their tights on  Gerbe make some of the finest hosiery available today, we hope to review a large selection of their stockings in due course.

Gerbe Carnation 10 FF Stockings_2 Gerbe Mousse Altesse 20 Stockings_2 Gerbe Sun Satin 8 Stockings_2 Gerbe Soyance Luxury Satin Top Stockings_2 Gerbe Voile 7 Stockings_2 Gerbe Voile Gerlon 15 Stockings_2



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