Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Stockings

Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Stockings

20 denier stockings with precious lace band.

Soft, great fitting and comfort, your legs are trendy now.

20 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra,  Price: 12.95

Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Stockings


Our Review

We come to this review full of anticipation, the last 85/15 stockings we looked at were from Cervin and they were completely mislabelled as far as size was concerned.  But the Italians are experts at 85/15 and we loved the hold ups of the same design when we looked at them last year.

You get the same choice of 4 sizes and the same deep deep lace top that you get with the Luisa Maria Lugli Bruna Hold-Ups in fact the only detail change is that these are intended to be worn with suspenders.

The lace top takes a suspender clasp well, ut we have concerns about the long term strength of what is quite open lace.   The other issue with the lace top is that is does not quite cover the heavier part of the leg at the top and this looks a little untidy.

Perfect even colour of the legs paired with a smooth soft matt finish.   The toes are more sheer than the legs which looks a little strange, the toe also includes a run stop to prevent toe holes becoming leg ladder... and this works.

We prefer the hold up version, but perhaps because the sample was better made.   Quality variation is a little bit of a concern.

Nice stockings but they could have been better.

11 June 2013

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