Luisa Maria Lugli Roleplays Stockings

Luisa Maria Lugli Roleplays Stockings

20 denier stockings with precious lace band. Soft, great fitting and comfort, your legs are trendy now!

20 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra,  , Price: 11.50

Luisa Maria Lugli Roleplays Strip Stockings


Our Review

We love the name given to these stockings, no simple description or a random girl’s name but one word that says it all “Roleplays”.  As to what role you are going to play wearing them we can’t possibly comment, but a red lace top some 6” or 15cm deep on sheer black stockings gives us the impression that Luisa Maria Lugli had something in mind.

These are stretch stockings made with a fibre mix that is almost universal for Italian tights.   There is a sheer toe detail that confusingly looks more sheer that the 20 denier legs, an illusion caused by the closer/tighter knit and glossy finish.   There is shaping at the heel, but the ironed in rather than knitted in type.

As for sizing there are 4 sizes to choose from which the manufacturers claim will fit from 4’9” to 6’1” (145-180cm) and 100-187lb (45-85 kg).  We tested the largest size and can confirm their guidance, and would suggest you could go several inches taller if required.   Sizing based on leg length and foot size would be better for stockings of course.

Fit is very tights like, that is close with no bagging or sagging... no clues at all in fact that you are wearing stockings.

Key for stockings worn with suspenders is how the top takes a clasp.   We had reservations about the lace top in this regard but we need not have worried, pair with a quality belt with metal clasps and you will be fine.   We used a StockingsHQ PVC 6-Strap Suspender Belt, six strap because that we believe gives the best fit and feel, PVC because we got caught up in the role playing idea!  The PVC was a bit much with the lace but the test did prove the effectiveness of the stocking top.

Whether for a party, a night in, or as a little secret under your skirt at the office these stockings will serve you well.   Perfect even colour to show off your legs.

13 July 2012


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