Luisa Maria Lugli Sofia Hold Ups

Luisa Maria Lugli Sofia Hold Ups

Stripe and silicone band with ribbon back hold-ups, your legs are sexy and trendy now

20 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra,  , Price: 14.95

Luisa Maria Lugli Sofia Stockings


Our Review

Together with our sister site at TightsFashion we unilaterally declared today seamed hosiery day; while they were looking at sheer tights we got our hands on these very interesting hold up stockings from Luisa Maria Lugli.

As you can see from the picture above the stand out feature of the design is a red ribbon  in the back of the stocking top... so it is at the top that we will start.  The hold up top is 6cm deep and far more stiff than most, perhaps double the stiffness of any we have seen before.   The ribbon is laced shoe lace fashion though the back of the stocking top and the extra stiffness is there to ensure that there is enough strength to support it and show it off properly... The ribbon is entirely for decoration, it does not play any part in closing or holding up the stockings.

To keep the stockings in place on your legs there are two deep horizontal silicone bands.

The 20 denier legs are quite unremarkable aside from the reinforced heel and sole detail and seam.   The dark reinforcement of the sole does not extend on to the top of the toe, although the toe is reinforced and has a run stop it is the sort of reinforced toes that looks more sheer than the base stocking.

There are 4 sizes defined in terms of height and weight, the largest to fit up to 180cm and 85kg.   Out test pair came in this size, on first impressions it was hard to see it stretching so far, even made with 15% Lycra.    The heavy stocking top made putting the stockings on a little tricker than usual, but not too much.   As with any seamed hosiery the key is to get the foot and heel set correctly, once you do that getting the seam straight up your leg is easy.    The foot is quite generously proportioned so you can get the heel correctly placed even on a long foot.  Leg length is accurate but not generous, if you have to stretch the stockings the silicone will hold them in place.

Of course you buy seamed tights for how they look.  And here this design delivers in spades, the base material is perfectly even and an ideal base for the pattern.  The heel design is close to a genuine pyramid heel and the seam is fine, straight and well defined.

The ribbon is pretty and fun but we would almost be tempted to remove it as they are such good seamed hold ups without it.

6 September 2012

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