Marilyn Coco 870 Hold Ups

Marilyn Coco 870 Hold Ups

Self-suporting stockings.  Warmful.

100 Denier, 75 % Cotton, 20 % Nylon, 5 % Lycra, Price: 9.99

Marylin Coco Hold Ups

Our Review

Looking at our limited selection of stockings from Marilyn you could be forgiven for thinking that all their styles are called Coco but take a look at our sister site TightsFashion and you will see a far wider range.  Quite why they use the same name for the two styles and differentiate by number we have no idea, the two styles are very different.

What is common to both styles is the sizing.  Just two styles to choose from 1/2 and 3/4, not unreasonable for hold up stockings as there is little in the way of fixed points, they simply end where they end.  There are several tables with the chart on the back of the packet but the chart is where you need to look.  That said height and weight in not how we would size hold ups stockings.   Odd for Marilyn to be this way when other Polish brands use foot length and leg length.

If these stockings were shaped at the heel they would be just like an overlong pair of ribbed socks, as it is they just give a very strong impression of that, both in look and feel.   The ribbed tube is topped off with a very substantial 8cm stocking top .

Stretched on your leg the impression of sockiness is much reduced, pair with  heels to match the stocking top and you have a sexy and sophisticated look... pair with boots and a longer skirt in cooler weather and these heavy stockings will keep you really cosy.

Sizing we can say is accurate, that is follow the chart and the stocking top will be somewhere on your upper thigh.  Wherever you let the stocking top settle it will stay in place, there are two very generous silicone bands to grip securely.

Stylish, practical and well made these stockings represent excellent value for money

4 December 2012

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