Max Mara Tokyo Hold Ups

Max Mara Tokyo Hold Ups aka Max Mara Tulle 30 Hold Ups

Opaque tulle 30 denier stay-ups, in double covered Lycra, nude toes.

Top band appliqued with precious customised embroidery.

A symbol of elegance and femininity


30 Denier, 86 % Nylon, 14 % Lycra,  Price: 16.95

Max Mara Tokyo Hold Ups


Our Review

Perhaps the most interesting thing that we learned from these stockings is that the name printed on the packet, in this case Tulle 30 is the name of the range and the name printed on the tiny sticker on label along with the size and the colour is the style name.  OK so perhaps more interesting for us than for you!

Tulle is a very fine net, think old style net curtains only just a little more sheer and you will get the idea.    So not quite a sheer but not quite a micronet either.

As you would expect from a premium designer brand and a 16 price tag you get a lot of quality features: sandal toe, fully shaped leg, deep lace stocking top closed with a flat seam and two silicone bands to grip your leg.

The size chart outlines 3 sizes but we are not quite sure why they bothered as size 2 covers such a narrow band between sizes 1 and 3 on the size chart, that said we expect a very high proportion of our readers will be size 2.  Only wearing our test pair will determine whether Max Mara are brighter than we first thought.

Sizing is accurate but by no means generous, there is less stretch than we expected from 14% Lycra. So pay heed to the size chart and if you are borderline consider going up a size. Incidentally we are not sure why they use weight and height for stockings, leg length, shoe size and thigh circumference would make more sense.

Stockings are all about look of course and these look superb, the tulle gives an very strong and even colour; the stocking top is pretty, lacy and just understated enough to be classy.  They are not stocking tops to show off, but they won’t embarrass you if they are seen.

There is a slight roughness to the texture of the tulle but you only feel this from the outside, and hear it when you cross your legs.   From the inside you have the epitome of comfort, the socking top grips securely and the material follows every curve of your leg.

Very classy stockings that feel as though they will last a lifetime.   Not cheap but great value.

18 February 2013

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