Mura Oasis Ultra Sheer Hold Ups

Mura Oasis Ultra Sheer Hold Ups

8 Denier Lycra ultra sheer summer hold up with invisible toe

8 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra,  Price: 6.50

Mura Oasis Ultra Sheer Hold Ups


Our Review

Mura is quite an enigmatic brand, we feel we know it well but have only reviewed one pair of their stockings before; a quick check with TightsFashion revealed we had only seen three styles of their tights.   Clearly they made a lasting impression.

What we have here are summer weight stockings made in a choice of three sizes and a number of shades to suit your skintone.  Summer weight but without any of the clever cooling yarns that have come into hosiery recently, just the classic Italian 85/15 nylon/lycra mix.

Detailing is simple, classic and unfussy.   A sandal toe detail of course to wear with open shoes, a shaped but unreinforced heel and then just light sheer material to the stocking top.   The lacy stocking top is quite shallow by modern standards at just 2” or 5cm but is still has two full size silicone bands to grip your leg.   The narrow stocking top makes perfect sense on summer weight hosiery, if you are wearing light, short, floaty skirts you want the bottom of the stocking top as high on your leg as possible.

The size chart claims a maximum height for the largest size of 6’1” or 185 cm, and a maximum weight of 187lb or 85kg, but not together.  Once again we find ourselves at odds with hosiery maker over sizing; height will generally be in proportion to leg length and foot length so is are reasonable measure but weight is hardly relevant, surely some measure of thigh size would make more sense.  The height/length sizing is pretty much spot on, on an average to athletic leg depending on foot size you should be able to stretch the top of the stocking to 32-33”  or 82-84cm measuring from heel to stocking top; this should set the stocking top at the very top of your leg if you are 6’1” or under.  Oh yes, thigh size, a max of 24” or 30cm circumference at the stocking top by our measurement.

The very essence of summer stockings is how they look, or in this case how they do not look because our test pair in “nuage” simply disappeared onto our model’s legs adding perfect even matt colour without any apparent weight.  A great second skin fit. With these stockings it will be your legs not your hosiery that gets the admiration.

If your stockings can’t be seen they can certainly be felt. Should anyone get close enough to touch your leg you are both in for a treat.  From the outside you are treated to the smoothest and softest of touches, from the inside every caress of softened and magnified.

Utterly gorgeous hold up stockings for any time of the year.

11 October 2012

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