Mura Opera Stockings

Mura Opera Stockings

15 Denier Lycra Stockings

15 Denier, 90 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra,  Price: 3.95

Mura Opera Stockings


Our Review

We have been asked a few questions about these stockings the most common being why are “opera stockings” described as suitable for daily wear and why so cheap?  The answer is quite a simple one, when it comes to stockings opera does not refer to the event but describes the style.   We have struggled to find a reliable definition of the term so remain open to suggestions.  Of course “Opera” may just be a style name!

Where the welt sits on the leg depends in part on the size that you buy relative to your leg length, and there are three sizes Small (1-2), Medium (3) and Large (4); with the largest size claimed to be suitable for a slender 6’1”.  The only shaping at the heel is very light and from forming on a board, the absence of a knitted reinforced heel means there is no restriction on foot size so you can chose a size to get the length you want.  We would go up one size to be safe if near the top end of a size.

These smooth and light stockings are of very basic construction.   The toes is a simple seam with no reinforcement, this sandal toe detail means they are perfectly suited for wear with strappy or open shoes.  There is just a narrow transition to the stocking top which is formed simply by folding over the material and very neatly hemming it.

Lycra provides a little stretch but it seems to mostly aid with fit, these really are skin like stockings.   Close fitting, perfect even colour and a slightly pearlescent finish make them highly flattering.  The feel just as good as they look.

The simple welt takes a suspender clasp very well indeed, but as ever we must stress the need for a quality belt with metal clasps if you are going to wear this style of stocking.

For everyday wear or for best you will struggle to find better value.

18 February 2011

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