Pierre Mantoux Veloutine Hold Ups

Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 Hold Ups


30 Denier, 62 % Nylon, 38 % Lycra,  Price: 14.95

Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 Hold Ups


Our Review

TightsFashion have reviewed many styles of tights from Pierre Mantoux but this is the first pair of hold up stockings that we have seen.      The tights are sublime so we have high hopes!

The size chart defines no fewer than five sizes (0-IV) but how much you can trust it we are not sure since in the UK column it lists dress sizes from 30 to 42 which are more tent sizes than dress sizes.  The sizes for European countries appear to be standard hosiery sizes.   The USA size chart is perhaps the most useful and it betrays the origins as a size chart for tights being based on height, weight and hip measurement... If you hold ups are reaching your hips they are too long! Our test pair came in size III or Large and should fit up to 5’11” (180 cm).

If we had gripes about the size chart we have nothing but praise for the first impressions from the stockings.    The legs are lightly shaped at the heel and look both heavy and short which, given the quoted weight of 30 denier and the 38% Lycra in the fibre, suggests lots of stretch and a close fit.    The lace top is 8 cm deep and features two wide silicone bands to grip your leg.   Smooth and soft to the touch these are stockings full of promise.

There is a lightly reinforced toe then smooth, soft sheer material all the way to the lace top.  The fit is excellent and the matt finish and even colour give a quality look to the finish.

Sizing is hard to judge given our comments about the size chart but we can tell you that size III will easily stretch all the way to the top of a 35” slim/athletic leg.   The stretch and the effective silicone bands mean that you can decide where on your thigh you would like the hold up top to finish.

Just one fly in the ointment...   Some years ago we questioned the durability of some Pierre Mantoux Tights, we noticed a ladder in these stockings pretty much as soon as they were on.  Our ladder seemed to originate at the seam between leg and lace top.   30 denier hosiery should be quite durable and 15 is a lot to spend if the durability is questionable.    

Perhaps it was just bad luck that we got a run, we will keep a careful eye on future samples from Pierre Mantoux.

1 September 2011


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