Rago Shop at StockingsFashion

Rago Shop at StockingsFashion

Great suspender belts and for when a simple suspender belt just won’t do the very best girdles with suspender straps.   The girdle lovers girdles.

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Rago Girdles and Suspender Belts
6-strap Pull-on Suspender Belt
27.50 Details
4-strap Suspender Belt With Pink Trim
27.50 Details
6-strap 19-inch Extra Firm Girdle
47.95 Details
6-strap Zip Contour Open Bottom Girdle
34.50 Details
6-strap Plain Open Bottom Girdle
31.25 Details
Shapette Waist Cincher With 4 Detachable Clasps
33.95 Details
Waist Cincher With 4 Detachable Straps
36.95 Details
824G Lacette Waist Cincher
39.95 Details
825G Satin Waist Cincher With Lace Front
41.95 Details
826G Satin Waist Cincher
41.95 Details
8355 Powernet Girdle With 6 Straps
32.50 Details
9357 6-strap Body Briefer - Special Cut Version
49.96 Details
9357 6-strap Body Briefer Corselette
49.96 Details



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