Silky Deep Lace Suspender Belt

Silky Deep Lace Suspender Belt

4 strap lace suspender with rear hook and eye fastening.

Silky Deep Lace Suspender Belt


Our Review

Our recent request for an inexpensive suspender belt brought this from UKTights, a simple 4 strap lace belt for 4.99

We used it in our review of Sweet Pins Back Seam Stretch Stockings and it acquitted itself very well indeed, although it was perhaps flattered by the excellent stocking top on those particular stockings.

What the picture above does not show is the rear detail of 8 hooks and 3 rows of eyes to fasten then to.    This makes the belt deeper at the back than the front and means you have to wear it quite high so it sits flat on your back.

If we are honest we expected this belt to confirm all our prejudices against cheap suspender belts and we were pleasantly surprised.   It worked well with the right stockings and looked lovely with both plan and lace panties.

Fit was not up with the best, but at less than a 5th of the price of a quality belt this would be ideal if you are looking for something to wear infrequently.

An adequate suspender at a very good price.

16 December 2013


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