Silky Scarlet Seamer Lace Hold Ups

Silky Scarlet Seamer Lace Hold Ups

One size seamed lace top hold up stockings

15 Denier, 90 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra,  Price: 6.00

Silky Seamer Lace Hold Ups


Our Review

Silky make seamed hosiery in three styles: tights as recently reviewed on our sister site TightsFashion, traditional stockings and this hold up style with a lace top.

The sizing of our test pair is described as medium but this is a little misleading as there is no small size and no large size so these are “one size” stockings by another name.   They are designed for heights of 5” to 5’8”... well done to Silky for not just reproducing the tights size chart and giving a range of hip sizes.

The legs of these hold ups are made straight but they are far from plain, the reinforced toe detail connects with a heavy reinforced sole/heel that finishes with a triangular transition to the back seam.   

A flat seam is used to attached the deep lace top (10 cm deep), the seam is placed in such a way that a 1cm deep lace edged fringe covers part of the reinforced top of the leg... nice detailing.     We would comment very favourably about the lace design but a note on the packet says “Lace detail may differ slightly from the photograph”  and our test pair was much nicer than that pictured above... prettier and deeper. 

Sizing is quite generous, there is ample stretch to have the very top of the stocking at the top of a slim/athletic 34” leg so the 5’8” height limit is entirely arbitrary.      The foot is a sensible length too so whatever your shoe size the triangular top of the heel detail will be visible.  The double silicone bands grip very well on clean skin and will comfortably hold the stockings in place all day.

Visually the RHT detailing and seam work very well and the seams were easy to get straight.  The finish was perhaps a little disappointing as there were one or two imperfections in the knitting and although there was a hint of satin sheen the effect was rather dull.

Comfortable hold ups that will fit the taller girl well, sensibly priced.

23 July 2010



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