Silky Scarlet Seamer Stockings

Silky Scarlet Seamer Stockings

One size seamed stockings

15 Denier, 90 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra,  Price: 4.00

Silky Seamer Stockings


Our Review

These stockings are unusual in that they are available with a contrast seam, a pillar box red seam on black stockings certainly promises to be eye-catching and Silky have made sure that you notice even before you open the packet by the way they are packed. An exciting change from black on black

As with the tights and hold-ups from the same range our test pair came in size “medium”, which to be fair they are but as there is neither a small nor a large size they are in truth “one size”.

A lot of thought went into the design of these stockings, the leg is straight and finished with a plain welt but at the foot end they really went to town.   The reinforced toe, reinforced sole and pyramid heel detail are all in red to match the seam in the contrast seam version.

So how are they to wear?  First off we have to say that there is no need for more sizes, this size will comfortably fit a 34” leg without any need to lengthen your suspender straps, and unless you have freakishly big feet for a lady the heel detail will be properly positioned.   Get the foot and heel correctly positioned and the seam will run perfectly up the back of your leg, a well placed suspender strap will ensure it stays straight.  Soft to the touch, well fitting and comfortable.

There is a nice shine to the finish but we had slight issues with how even the colour was, not bad but not perfect.    The seam is well made and distinct and utterly stunning in the contrast red.

We had just concluded this review with “At just 4.00 you really must have a pair in your wardrobe!” when a sharper eyed member of our team took time to look at the front of the stockings while the rest of us had been looking at the back.  For reasons we cannot fathom on our test pair the toe detail was far bigger on one stocking than the other.  On a pair of stockings where all the interesting detail is around the foot and ankle this is a bit of a show stopper... a great pity.

By the middle of the day  one of the toe seams had started to fail too.  Still great fun stockings for one off wear to a party but the pricing is commensurate with the quality.

13 August 2010

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