Sweet Pins Back Seam Stretch Stockings

Sweet Pins Back Seam Stretch Stockings

Stretch stockings with Lycra featuring seam and heel detail

20 Denier, 90 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra, Price: AUD 25.00  approx 13.75

Sweet Pins Back Seam Stretch Stockings

Our Review

Our sister site TightsFashion recently received review samples from two Australian brands so when Sweet Pins offered us the chance to bag an Aussie band of our own we could nor resist.

These stockings are made in 3 sizes, 1/2, 3/4 and 5 with the sizes being defined “tights style” in terms on height and weight combinations... we won’t bang on about that topic again today!  As well we denier, fibre composition and size information the packet also tells us that these stockings are designed in Australia but made in Italy... slightly disappointing that they are not made in Aus but at least it was not China.

Detailing is simple but pleasing.    There is a reinforced heel, sole and toe that runs into a Manhattan heel and then a seam that runs up to the plain welt. There is some shaping at the heel but don’t get too excited there are not fully fashioned stockings they are stretch stocking with an applied design.   The plain welt is quite heavy.. and we love it, no fuss just a great anchor point for suspender clasps.

Normally we would use one of our belts with metal clasps when reviewing stockings but we just received a lace belt from Silky; thin straps, plastic clasps and just 4.99 to we are testing at first with that.

The plain welt really does flatter the cheap suspender belt, even the small plastic clasps took a firm grip and held on. 

Sizing is generous both in foot and leg, even if you have big feet for your height the heel will sit so that it is visible above your shoe heel.   Set the foot and heel correctly and the seam will run straight as an arrow.

Colour is perfectly even but we did find the material slightly prone to scuffing so take care and watch out for rough stops on your shoes that could spoil the look.  The seam is convincing as any in mimicking a real seam and it is very well defined.

All in all one of the best pairs of stretch seam stockings we have seen. Available in both black with a black seam and our choice nude with a back seam.

16 December 2013

PS.. good with any suspenders it seems but truly awesome with our Cleopatra Capri Pantygirdle

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