Veneziana Paris Stockings

Veneziana Paris Stockings

Lycra stockings, semi-matt, ultra sheer, lace band 10cm

20 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 18 % Lycra, Price 10.95


Veneziana Paris Stockings


Our Review

It isn’t good to approach a review with preconceptions but when we see a large lacy top to a stocking we can’t help but feel that a hold up design might be better than trying to attach suspender clasps to lace.  Anyway to give this style as much chance as possible we tested with a StockingsHQ 6-strap Plain Front Suspender Belt as this has some the best clasps we have seen.

There are just two sizes to choose from in this design, specified in terms of foot length, leg length and thigh circumference, there is no overlap one size is bigger in every way that the other.

Well not quite every way, the lace top is the same size on both and it is 13cm deep not 10cm. The design of the lace top is gorgeous, some of edges of the leaf pattern are emphasised by contrast colour thread, in the case of our black pair in silver.

Made with a sandal toe the light soft stocking is shaped but not reinforced at the heel.   If we have any negative observation it is that the lace top doesn’t cover the heavier top of the stocking where it is seamed to the welt.

18% Lycra provides lots of stretch so the fit is very good and the sizing is more generous than the chart suggests.  

As to our concerns about welt taking a suspender clasp... well no need to have worried, the lace is dense enough yet fine enough to take a clasp easily and securely.

Perfect even colour except for a very slight shadow on the sandal toe, comfortable to wear and for those lucky enough to see a very pretty stocking top.

Treat yourself, well worth the money.

23 November 2012

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