Vixen Betty Fully Fashioned Stockings

Vixen Betty Fully Fashioned Stockings


100 % Nylon, Price 19.99


Vixen Betty FF Stockings


Our Review

There could not be a bigger contrast between two styles of stockings from one maker than between the two styles we have seen from Vixen.   With the ribbon lace seamed stockings they really went to town with a very ornate stocking top, here we have a classic  plain 100% nylon seamed stocking.

Only 2 sizes to choose from, quite a contrast to the likes of Cervin or Gio who generally offer as many as 8 sizes in their 100% nylon stockings... so we have to hope for some stretch.    The sizes are defined by height only, 5’4” to 5’8” for medium, 5’6” to 5’10” for large.

First impressions?  Excellent.   Smooth, soft flowing material, delightfully light.

On more detailed inspection we find all the details we would hope for in “real” stockings.   Reinforced toe, sole and heel, a fully shaped heel with a point detail leading to what looks very much like a genuine 3-thread “Edwardian” seam.    The welt is a classic too, complete with keyhole and perfect for taking a suspender.

There is ever so slightly more stretch than with say Gio stockings, but not a lot, just enough to allow the larger size to fit a leggy 5’10”.   Without extending the straps on our StockingsHQ 6-strap Mesh Front Suspender Belt we managed to get a good fit on a 34” leg.

As for look and feel on the leg these are up with the best for look and pretty close for feel.    The stretch provides for a very good fit, you do still get the slight wrinkling at knee and ankle after bending your foot but it doesn’t linger long.   So everyone will know you are wearing real stockings, but you will maintain elegance.

Not cheap stockings but they are the real thing, they look and feel great plus they seem more durable than many other premium 100% nylon stockings.

2 August 2012

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