WKD Retro Seamed Stockings

What Katie Did Retro Seamed Stockings

What Katie Did specialise in faux vintage lingerie and hosiery inspired by designs from the 1940’s and 1950s

Our stockings add a glamorous finishing touch to any outfit.


small/medium 5’1” to 5’7” 110-145lbs

medium/large 5’5” to 5’11” 120-175lbs

Available in pale nude, coffee, chocolate and black

“Sizing varies from style to style”

15 Denier, 74 % Nylon, 14 % Lycra, 12 % Polypropylene, Price 8.50


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WKD Retro Stocking13Our Review

Seamed stockings conjure up all sorts of images and it easy to forget that not so long ago most stockings were seamed... not out of any desire to excite or titillate but because that was how they were made.  Some stockings are still made that way now but tend to be expensive and generally lack stretch making accurate sizing vital.  What Katie Did have created the retro look with modern technology.

Black seamed stockings get all the attention but a look back at pictures of the 1940’s and 1950’s reveals that natural skin tones were the order of the day for most women.   We love the natural shade with a seam, get the shade right in a sheer stockings and only the seam gives away the fact you are in stockings.

Three things are critical when wearing seamed stockings with a heel detail.  One the heel detail sits correctly, two the seam runs straight, three the welt take a suspender clasp well enough to hold the stocking in place securely all day.

The stretch provided by 14% Lycra takes care of the heel positioning, whether you take a 6 or an 11 the heel is still in the right place.

Set the heel correctly and the seams runs perfectly straight from the top of the point, just roll the stockings up your leg straightening and stretching as you go.

The welt is quite shallow but it takes a metal clasp perfectly.   We tested with both a StockingsHQ Classic 8Strap Suspender Belt and the Sassy Black & White Crossover Suspender Belt pictured above.  Both help perfectly and looked stunning.

The stretch provides for perfect fit, perhaps too tights like for purists but we love the “second skin” look and feel; and it provides great latitude with sizing.  We tested tested the m/l on Sophie who is really small/medium and on another model both taller and heavier than the maxima suggested and the fit was perfect on both.

A cheaper way to get the classic look without any compromise on quality.

3 January 2012

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